The jewelry saleswoman


Fiction ∙ 2010
8 min ∙ 16/9

A film by Julien Rouyet

A jewellery saleswoman is confronted with a young client tempted by theft. Complicity grows between the two women.

With Catherine Travelletti and Laetitia Dosch

"- Show me what you have in your bag ! That's all ?

- Well yes, that's all !"

Julien Rouyet was born in Lausanne in 1985. In 2004 he founded the Thera Production company then graduated in film studies at the Ecole Cantonale d'Art de Lausanne with "Maid to Oust" (Pardino d’Oro, Locarno 2008). He then directed several short films, such as "Easy Living" (2011) and produced young authors like Basil Da Cunha, Louise Carrin and Colia Vranici.

Easy Living · fiction · 22' · 2011
The Jewellery saleswoman · fiction · essay · 8' · 2009
Maid to Oust · fiction · 20' · 2008
L’Antichambre · fiction · 17' · 2007
Après, peut-être · documentary · 25' · 2007
Mort au Bout du Fil · fiction · 19' · 2005


Catherine Travelletti
Laetitia Dosch

Screenplay and directing

Julien Rouyet


Julien Rouyet


Miriam Varela


Blaise Pitteloud


Mathilde de Romefort

Sound editing and mixing

Antoine Dahan

Original soundtrack

Jean-Lou Treboux

Color grading

Laurent Kempf


Thera Production, Julien Rouyet


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