Invisible I would like to be

fiction ∙ 2022
26 min ∙ 1:1.85

A film by Céline Dondénaz

Encouraged by his father and girlfriend, Hugo, a young talented guitarist, works hard on his audition to enter the Lausanne School of Music. But a few days before the due date, he is paralyzed by anguish. What if this musical career had never been his own wish?

"How can we build ourselves an identity if the people close to us can’t stop letting their expectations and their anguishes weigh on our shoulders? And how can we flourish if we eternally have, like Hugo, a fear of disappointing them? It’s the precise moment of awareness of a young man and his emancipation that I wanted to show in my film."
Céline Dondénaz, director

Born in Lausanne in 1991, Céline Dondénaz finished her Bachelor in 2017 at the ECAL/University of Art and Design of Lausanne. Her diploma short film, “On casse le ciel on prend un bout", wins the 3rd price of the film school category in the 42nd Schweizer Jugendfilmtage. Along with her film making, she uses analogic photography to create in a spontaneous way.

‘’’ Invisible I would like to be ''' · fiction · 26’ · 2022
‘’’On casse le ciel on prend prend un bout · fiction · 18’ · 2017
‘’’L’accroche-coeur · documentary · 25’ · 2015


Hugo Fernandes
Veronika Vasilyeva Rije
Philippe Schuler
Stefanie Gunther Pizarro
Gregory Page
Anthony Maurer
Loïc Jaton

Written and directed by

Céline Dondénaz

assainit director

Noémie Guibal

Director of photography

Fanny Reynaud

First Grip

Romain Schaer


Camille Bonard

Set Design



Kostas Makrinos

Sound editing and Sound Mix

Adrien Kessler

Color Grading

Jean-Baptiste Perrin


Thera Production, Julien Rouyet

With the support of

L’ Office Fédéral de la Culture (OFC)
Cinéforom avec la Loterie Romande


Compétition Flickers Rhodes Island Film Festival


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