The Wild Waltz

Fiction ∙ 2023
19 min ∙ 2:1

A film by Rémi Molleyres

1939 in Swiss countryside. Joseph, a young carpenter back from the army, discovers that Félicie, his fiancée, just killed her uncle. She has decided to run away and tries to convince Joseph to come with her, whilst he prefers to disguise the crime scene as an accident. That evening during the village dance, Joseph has to choose between abandoning his life there or let his wife that he loves leave. Thus begins a last dance.

Rémi Molleyres was born in Payerne in 2001. He grows up in the Broye from Fribourg and starts film studies in 2019 at ECAL in Lausanne. In 2023 Rémi gets his diploma with his first short film « The Wild Waltz », a period film co-produced by Thera Production.

The Wild Waltz · fiction · 19' · 2023


Côme Veber
Lisa Kirby
Léo Zagagnoni
Sophie Kandouroff
Christophe Balissat

Written and directed by

Rémi Molleyres

assistant director

Léon Yersin

Director of Photography

Dario Willomet


Benjamin Brahovioc


Daniel Genre

Set Design

Marie Ebiner


Jeanne Viande


Annabelle Abdul

Sound editing

Camille Surdez
Nafi Touré


Valentin Keung

Color Grading

Jean-Baptiste Perrin


Thera Production, Kaspar Schiltknecht


L'École Cantonale d'Art de Lausanne
RTS - Radio Télévision Suisse

With the support of

Cinéforom avec la Loterie Romande
L’ Office Fédéral de la Culture (OFC)


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